sedus is a European (based in Germany) leading manufacturer of modular office furniture & ergonomic chairs, giving a modern and timeless quality to the office environment.

Established in 1927, CS has a strong history of production and perfection of roof tiles and fittings, always pursuing a strategy of quality and innovation, which have been cornerstones of the company since its early years. Today, CS continues its activity as a family company, with entirely national capitals, whose proximity of the owners and decision makers with regard to the market ensures great flexibility and speed of action, as well as a loyal and responsible relationship with clients.

1969 when Benesol started production of ceramic tiles in natural finish and different sizes in their plant in L’Alcudia de Crespins (Valencia), where now stands the modern plant of extruded material. Since 1990, their determination to provide better quality and service, facility now features the latest technology, that together with the characteristics of raw materials which they also prepare and produced, experience and approach allows Benesol to create, efficiently, a rustic tile very well cooked, and of high standart in the industry.